ERP Software for Manufacturing and Distribution Organizations

Macola’s Progression Series software is a business management solution consisting of accounting, distribution, and manufacturing combined with world-class functionality and is a proven ERP solution.

Macola 10 is the next evolution of Macola and is a huge leap forward toward a more natural ERP experience that increases the speed, accuracy, and reliability of operating your business. The better customer experience, the greater likelihood they continue to order from you, order more from you, and speak highly of working with you, which all helps your business grow.

Core Business Functions    At the heart of any manufacturing or distribution organization is the need to manage the process of building or distributing a product including managing the quality of the product, handling receivables and payables, coordinating resources involved in building the product, and customer and order information. These core business areas are all addressed by elements of Macola 10: • Manufacturing – Control product fabrication and assembly • Project Management – Enable a seamless workflow • Distribution – Ensure smooth distribution • Quality Management – Verify product quality • Accounting and Finance – Process orders and payments • Human Resource Management – Schedule resources efficiently

Activity  and  Process  Management       The core capabilities of Macola 10 are powerful standalone, but the real value is in connecting those core business functions through automation, workflow, and document management. These are the activity and process management capabilities that serve as the glue between and among the core business functions. • Automation – Enable seamless reactions to business conditions. No human errors, no delays, and no lost papers • Workflow – Prevent processes from getting delayed/impeded and ensure key stakeholders are informed and involved when needed • Document Management – Allow centralized document creation, storage, and management with role-based and secure access. Eliminate duplication and link notes, emails, orders, modifications, CAD/CAM diagrams, orders, and/or projects so everyone stays on the same page and has the whole picture

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