Business Intelligence

Dashboards that Deliver the Data You Need.

The Socius Analytics Dashboards are easy to use, highly customizable role based dashboards that deliver data analytics and keep you up to date with the critical information you need to make business decisions.

Finance Dashboard

With the Socius Analytics Finance Dashboard you can easily identify what items are selling in what territories and who the top customers are as well as, monitor key financial performance indicators including net sales, costs of goods sold and gross margin year over year.

Sales Dashboard

With the Socius Analytics Sales Dashboard you can quickly identify who the top sales people are, see where your sales are coming from on a geographic basis, and see how you are doing comparable this year vs last year and relative to other sales people.

Operations Dashboard

With the Socius Analytics Operations Dashboard you can track order processing efficiencies, in real-time as well as, track inventory levels.


Better Business Analytics