How We Can Help

TBS can provide the technology, and more importantly, how to use it to address your business information and operational issues.

We have the experience to help you identify the business issues and determine the solutions for these issues that your company faces, such as:

  • How to achieve accurate product and service billing
  • How to maintain accurate accounting database information
  • How to track up-to-date manufacturing and distribution costs
  • How to produce timely and reliable financial reports

TBS can give small to medium-size businesses the professional technology services that very large businesses have successfully deployed in recent years. It is this ability that makes TBS unique in our industry. Our services for small to medium-sized businesses include:

  • The ability to review, understand, and layout a technology plan to meet your company’s needs; if need be, test this plan at our business technology center without any disruption of your day-to-day business.
  • If your business is already experiencing problems impacting your day-to-day operations, TBS can provide fast relief in solving your critical issues. Our team is made up of the necessary technical and business consultant professionals needed to solve the problem. And, resolve the finger-pointing that you may be experiencing now with your present network and software vendors, which, up to now, left you in the middle.
  • We can assess and identify the technical and functional ticking time bombs that may exist in your present technology that you use for operating your business. This could avoid critical operational failures in the future.
  • Once the correct solution is put in place for your business, TBS has an extensive technical center that can provide on-site support, immediate remote support, and consulting to eliminate issues in a timely manner.

Benefit from the years of experience and success we have had in solving client’s technology issues. Because of the broad business and technical expertise of our staff and the resources of our business technology center, TBS has the ability to put together a practical cost-efficient technology solution to meet your company’s business needs.